Welcome to the Delfi Foundation, a charitable organisation that aims to promote hands-on work by students in the field of space and satellite engineering.

We provide a financial contribution to eligible students that study in the Netherlands and want to present their work in an (inter)national conference and require some financial assistance to be able to actually go to that event and present their results. At present we are only able to support a limited number of students per year but we hope to be able to grow these numbers and allow for many students from various backgrounds and education levels to have the opportunity to go to conferences and present their work.

We have set up a number of eligibility criteria, which you can find here. If you are eligible, contact us by downloading and filling out the application form and submit your application to the Delfi Foundation. You can send in your application by email to info@delfifonds.nl or by regular mail, and we will do our best to quickly notify you on the outcome.

Kind regards,

The Delfi Foundation

Motorenweg 23, 2623CR, Delft, The Netherlands

email us at info@delfifonds.nl